About us

Who we are

School4Life is a charity registered in Switzerland and Germany working in close cooperation with our local partners in Kenya.

The Board of School4Life consists of four volunteers who run the daily operations of the charity. The Board is supported by a motivated Core Team to help the children of Kimilili get a proper education. A helping hand and great advice is offered by our knowledgeable Advisory Council. Everyone involved, outside of their professional careers, freely give their time and energy to the school project combing the experience, knowledge and contacts for the benefit of the school and the community.

School4Life cooperates closely with the Kenyan team on different programmes. We believe that development comes from within. In other words, we support and advice the school and community to develop itself rather than actively enforcing change.

To learn more about School4Life’s adventurous journey please read our story. Would you like to see the faces behind School4Life? Meet the team or get in contact, we would love to hear from you. Look at some inspiring pictures to get a better impression of our school. More the number cruncher? Find your information at our financials.