CBSM Kimilili: Orphanage

We are overjoyed to announce the successful completion of our project that has brought immense positive change to the lives of orphaned children in Kenya. UNICEF’s estimation of 2.3 million orphaned children in the country is a stark reminder of the challenges they face, from losing their parents to enduring difficult circumstances.

Through School4Life’s support of the Children’s Home in Kimilili, 30 orphaned children have found a safe and loving place to call home. Our focus on education and empowerment has been instrumental in shaping their bright futures.

The children, aged between 8 and 17, now experience the stability they deserve. They receive three nutritious meals each day and are provided with a comprehensive education. Under the diligent care of their dedicated Matron, they are nurtured and cherished.

A typical day at the School4Life Children’s Home starts with the older children rising at 4 AM to prepare for school. Mama Beatrice ensures they begin their day with a warm cup of tea. Following morning assembly at 7:30 AM, the children engage in their studies until lunchtime. A nourishing meal of beans, maize, rice, or similar is served, sustaining their energy for the remainder of the school day, which concludes around 5 PM. After returning home, the children diligently complete their homework and contribute to household chores before gathering for a wholesome dinner at 7 PM. As the day winds down, they find solace in the dormitory, resting from their day’s endeavors.

Since School4Life’s partnership with the Children’s Home began in 2017, we have witnessed remarkable improvements in the living conditions of these orphaned children. Our efforts have included infrastructure enhancements such as modernized toilets and showers, as well as acquiring essential furniture, household items, and clothing.

In March 2017, we celebrated a significant milestone as the 17 girls transitioned from their previous mud hut accommodation to a brand-new, permanent building adjacent to the school. This new facility offers a secure environment with indoor showers, a clean and comfortable dormitory, and even some outdoor space to explore.

Furthermore, thanks to the generous donations we received, we were able to acquire an additional permanent building next to the school compound in the spring of 2018. This enabled us to move the boys from their former mud huts into their new home, ensuring they too benefit from improved living conditions.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who supported us throughout this journey. Your kindness and contributions have transformed the lives of these orphaned children, offering them hope, security, and a brighter future. Together, we have made an enduring impact, demonstrating the power of compassion and solidarity.

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