28 Litter Angels….

Yet another Redbull can! Unbelievably, I think and pick it up with my big tongues. I am getting a cramp in my fingers as the untrained movements required to use the tongues make my muscles hurt. As I move on I find further cans, packages, beer and plastic bottles as well as cigarette packaging. To give my right hand a break, I try to handle the tongues with my left hand, which unfortunately doesn’t work very well. Instead, I bend over and pick up stuff with my hand and drop it in my 100 litre rubbish bag. After a few hours, my back starts hurting as well. The job as a manager for rubbish collection is not that easy after all. ☺

Luckily, the colleagues are very nice and the mood great as a result

Luckily, my rubbish-collection-colleagues are extremely nice and all in good mood. On two Saturdays 23 members of the Rotary Club Zurich-Glattal und 5 friends of the School4Life Kimilili trust turn into busy rubbish collectors. This spring cleaning is organized by Heinz Eberhard and aims to finance two permanent classrooms for our school in Kimilili. Currently, we have 4 permanent class rooms as well as 6 mud huts, which are „home“ to our 2 baby classes as well as the 8 classes of our primary school. Together, we are working on financing two permanent classrooms as the starting point for our secondary school. This in return will ensure that our students don’t end up working in fields or being forced into marriage when they finish the eighth grade at the age of 14. Instead, they actually get a real opportunity for a better future.

We collected 912 kilograms of rubbish!

Busy collectors with special trophies!

We are shocked by all the different things that people just dump. We would have been able to build a car with tyres, steering wheel, license plate, breakdown triangle, vignette as well as the first parking fine based on our collections. Barriers, markers and prybars were also amongst our collection. To make sure nobody steals the car, we could have barricaded it off. Plus, we would have had plastic flowers for an official handover of the car. And if it had started to rain, we would not have had to worry about getting wet, either …

We are proud of 912 kg of rubbish collected in just 2 days

On behalf of our 400 orphans we would like to say Asante Sana – THANK YOU – in a big way for the help and support. We are very happy to have the Rotary club on board to enable us to offer a future for our 400 Kimilili-kids!




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