Prepare to meet the true stars of our journey – the beneficiaries who have captured our hearts and inspire us every day. These incredible individuals are the beating heart of our mission to empower and uplift. From the moment we crossed paths, their resilience, determination, and strong spirit have left a mark on our souls. Each beneficiary has a unique story, filled with triumphs, challenges and dreams that defy boundaries. We are honored to walk alongside them, offering support, opportunities and a steadfast belief in their limitless potential. Together, we are creating a community where their voices are heard, their talents are nurtured, and their dreams become reality. 

Testimonies shared by some students from our LEAVERS' PROGRAM:

Victorine Buyanzi

Victorine is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Geography and Environmental Sciences, focusing on her...

Denise Sikuku Khaemba

Denise enrolled at Moi University on August 27th, 2018, pursuing a degree in education. Denise's...

Davis Wanjala

Davis is pursuing an exciting area of study that encompasses Mathematics and Physics. He envisions...

Clementine Nyiraneza

Culinary Arts is Clementine's chosen area of study, reflecting her deep passion for the culinary...

Barak Alhady Checheya

School4Life has been an invaluable support system for Barak, our dedicated beneficiary. As he pursues...

Aisha Kasomali Yaa

Aisha aspires to become an Orthopaedic Nurse, driven by her desire to provide specialized care...

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