ASANTE SANA- what an amazing 7-yrs-celebration!

Dear friends of School4Life and CBSM Kimilili, A most sincere thank you for having joint and celebrated with us the 7-yrs-anniversary last week Friday, Sept 17, in St. Peter’s Restaurant in Zurich! It was great to see so many familiar and also new faces and of course it was a special honour to have „Rev“ […]

Invitation: 7-years CBSM Kimilili / School4Life Celebration Charity Party

Time to celebrate! We cordially invite you to celebrate with us – namely 7 Jahre CBSM Kimilili / “School4Life”! Friday 14 September from 18:00 at St. Peter Restaurant, In Gassen 10, Zurich Detailed agenda will follow soon :-). If you haven’t registered yet, we ask you to do so via this link here We are looking forward to celebrating with […]

The Red Corner House – a new home for our children’s home boys!

Why buying this house would significantly improve the children home boy’s lives? Current situation: The current living condition of the children home boys is very basic; they live in a mud hut with only little windows, making the interior dark, grim and humid. The mud walls and the concrete floor of the house are in […]

SIMilili – HSG goes Kimilili!

We are SIMilili, a student-led initiative supported by SIMagination Challenge, striving to empower children by making sustainable education a reality in Kimilili through CBSM. Our team is formed by 8 motivated SIM master students (M.A. Strategy and International Management) from University of St. Gallen, eager to leverage our different capabilities and business knowledge to make […]

Two weeks in Kenya – a very grounding experience! Olga Ivlev

The most colourful moments are linked to the time spent at the special needs school. Upon our arrival, Agnes showed us around the campus to a space dedicated for children that see life differently: Purity has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Disregard the fact; she is a proud owner of one of the brightest smiles […]

Mathilde’s volunteering story – March 2018

It is difficult to put into words such an experience. Nevertheless, I will never forget the glances of the kids, their smiles, their energy, their dances and their hands held out to share their food … I will never forget how much they respect and help each other. I saw them sharing lollipops and ice […]

Lucy’s & Thomas‘ Volunteering Story – Januar 2018

In addition to our monthly sponsorship for CBSM School in Kimilili we wanted to visit on site to get to know the school, people and especially the kids.In January 2018 we travelled to Kimilili for a two weeks voluntary stay. Our journey to Kimilili was well organised. We were picked up at the airport hotel […]

Christina’s Volunteering Story – Januar 2018

After a short stop in Nairobi, I finally arrived in Kimilili after a 7-hour bus ride. On Monday, I was finally allowed to visit the schools, children homes, kindergarten and special needs school. A total of up to 800 children can attend the school. CBSM has built up everything from scratch with its own resources. […]

School4Life – X-mas Newsletter

Dear Friends, From the bottom of our hearts we would like to wish you: A festive season and a fantastic 2018! With the New Year approaching this is a great opportunity to reflect on an incredible year for our 800 orphans and vulnerable children in Kimilili. Thank you for being part of it! 2017 at […]

CBSM Kimilili – Video Message from Reverend Wasike

Dear S4L-Friends, Reverend Wasike – the headmaster of the CBSM-school in Kimilili – sent a video message to all of you as he had planned to attend the 6th-years-celebration on Sept 29, but unfortunately was not able to attend: PUT VIDEO

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