What is behind GIVE section?

At School4Life, we value your trust and commitment. Wondering exactly how your contribution will create ripples of change? This section offers you the power to decide how your donation will illuminate the lives of local children and their community in rural Kenya. As with our general donation option, rest assured, every cent of your gift fuels the education and well-being of these budding learners.

The work we do in Kenya can be categorized into distinct initiatives. We invite you to explore each category and connect with the cause that resonates with your spirit of giving. If you feel equally passionate about all our endeavours, our general donation page is the perfect platform to support a comprehensive impact. With School4Life, you aren’t just donating, you are choosing to become an integral part of a child’s journey towards a brighter future.

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Choose to spark change by helping a child step into a classroom, dress a dream with a school uniform or shape the future by supporting a teacher’s passion. Your choice, their smile! Impact the lives of school leavers by offering them a stepping stone into higher education. 


Immerse yourself in our projects, where innovation and impact come together to give birth to a diverse range of initiatives from construction of Chicken and Goat farms to implementation of a Water borehole. Get involved and witness the magic of our agricultural campaigns, an endeavour aimed at creating jobs along with positive environmental change. 


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