Ways to support the MatsaRigi CBO

To ensure the seamless operation of our kindergarten, a monthly budget that encompasses salaries for essential personnel including teachers, cooks, and guards, who form the lifeblood of our daily school activities is required. A significant portion of the budget is allocated to our feeding program, providing nourishing meals to the children such as morning porridge and a hot lunch, costing as little as 0.50 cents per plate and totaling 10 CHF per child per month. Additionally, the budget covers office expenses like electricity, water, transportation, and administrative costs, as well as educational materials. By supporting our school, we also create ten regular jobs for the local community, ensuring that our children are well cared for on their journey to a brighter future.


By providing a monthly sponsorship of 100 EUR, you can create a pathway for a child’s education. This sponsorship covers essential aspects such as uniforms, transportation, administrative office stationeries, electricity bills and water bills for the Education Centre. Your support ensures a conducive learning environment and empowers children to thrive in their educational journey.

Sponsor STAFF

Empower the passionate individuals shaping the lives of young learners by making a monthly donation of 150 EUR. This contribution supports teachers, aspiring cooks, project administrators, cleaners, cooks, security guards and casual laborers. Your support provides these dedicated souls with the resources they need to ensure the security and well-being of the community.

Nourish Breakfast


Ways to support the LEAVERS PROGRAM

Upon completing their 12-year educational journey, graduates encounter diverse prospects for higher education, with some qualifying for university admissions and others choosing technical or vocational colleges. By clicking the buttons below, you can seize the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of these school leavers, offering them a vital stepping stone towards higher education or vocational training. Through our provided monthly sponsorship options, you have the power to contribute to a student’s vocational education, college certificate, or even support their entire university journey, enabling them to unlock their full potential and shape a brighter future of their own.


With a monthly sponsorship of 100 EUR you can support vocational training for school leavers, helping them overcome obstacles and stride confidently into their future. After completing vocational training, students will receive a certificate that enables them to enter the work force.

(1-2 years of sponsorship needed)


A monthly sponsorship of 150 EUR unlocks the gates of higher education for a young individual. A college certificate received after 2-3 years of continuous education, encourages school leavers to be competitive on the job market and ask for more benefits and higher income.

(2-3 years of sponsorship needed)


An investment of 150 EUR fuels the path towards a university education, serving as a stepping stone for aspiring students to pursue their dreams. Attaining a Bachelor’s degree is the pinnacle of recognition for their talent and potential, instilling the confidence needed to secure a promising future.

(4 years for Bachelor + 2 years for a Master degree needed)

Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for all!

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