Your donations play an integral role in fostering eco-friendly initiatives, from promoting sustainable farming practices with our chicken and goat sponsorships to powering communities with solar panel installations and planting fruitful papaya trees. Embrace this opportunity to contribute towards sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, creating lasting impact not just for individuals but for the planet as a whole.

Sponsor a chicken on our farm - 5 CHF

Sponsor our CHICKEN
FARM project

Expand our Chicken Farm family with a donation that provides care and nourishment for our feathery friends and create an opportunity for local communites to earn additional income.

Sponsor our PAPAYA TREE project

Help papaya trees grow by supporting sustainable farming. Who wouldn’t want to sponsor a tree that provides delicious fruits, shade and a touch of green envy among plant-loving friends?

Sponsor our GOAT
FARM project

Buy a goat and bring a dose of furry fun to sustainable farming. Be a part of our mischievous, laughter-filled journey toward  developing agriculture in line with Sustainable Development Goals.

Sponsor our PRIMARY SCHOOL project

Support the construction designed with cutting-edge architecture that naturally cools the classrooms by 10 degrees, providing a comfortable and conducive learning environment for children in need.

Sponsor our SOLAR
PANEL project

Step into the role of a superhero by sponsoring a solar panel installation, powering communities and fighting climate change. Together we can become the renewable energy heroes the world needs.

Sponsor our WATER BOREHOLE project

Install a water borehole to support our farming projects and uplift the well-being of the community by ensuring access to clean water—a fundamental resource for a sustainable and prosperous future. 

Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for all!

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