Kimilili Leavers Program

Upon completing their 12-year educational journey, graduates find themselves at a crossroads, where a world of possibilities awaits. The path to higher education branches in different directions, offering diverse opportunities for these bright minds. While some excel and qualify for esteemed universities, others may choose technical or vocational colleges, specializing in fields such as Business Education, Nursing, Teacher Training, Computer Studies or Engineering. And for those seeking immediate entry into the workforce, joining as unskilled labor becomes a viable option. Yet, for students from rural backgrounds, socio-economic barriers often cast a shadow over their dreams of pursuing higher education.

In 2017, School4Life introduced the Leavers’ Programme, a beacon of hope that combats these disparities head-on. Through this initiative, we provide underprivileged children from rural areas with sponsorships that grant them access to higher education. By doing so, we empower school leavers to become invaluable contributors and fully integrated members of their communities.

The success story of Denise, our first university-bound school leaver in 2017, filled the hearts of Kimilili with pride. Grateful for the opportunity bestowed upon him, Denise pledged to study diligently and return one day as a teacher, inspiring other children to strive for their dreams. Since the inception of the Leavers’ Programme, School4Life has supported over 60 children in advancing their careers beyond secondary school. Through this initiative, we actively dismantle the barriers that hinder equal access to higher education, turning aspirations into tangible realities.

Help us bridge the gap of inequality and create a future where every young dreamer has the chance to thrive by contributing to the Academic Adoption  and Empower locals through Arts and Crafts initiative.

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