KRISMASI NJEMA – Happy festive season!

Dear Friends,

The whole team of School4Life would like to wish you:

A festive season and a fantastic 2021!

2020 has been a difficult year and the impact of Covid-19 has reached all of us in one way or another. The pandemic has taught us persistence, patience and indispensable support and love for each other. Thanks to the continuous encouragement of all of you, School4Life has managed to continue to support the needy children in rural Kenya.

On top of the global crisis, School4Life has had a challenging year due to its shake up with one of our local partners. Transparency challenges have forced us to file a case at the Department for Criminal Investigation. Unfortunately, due to Corona, the final report is delayed, forcing us to postpone decisions on next steps. However, our work continues with other projects.

Thank you for your patience and for being part of our journey!

Corona Support Program

Kenya is facing three crises at the same time. Coronavirus, widespread floodings and multiple locusts plagues that attacked 70% of agricultural land in Kenya. Most day workers lost their jobs while food prices went up by 50%. School4Life started supporting around 100 needy families sending a monthly support since the start of the Corona impact. This help has been appreciated largely by the community.

Leavers Programm, University

A Thank You note from one of our beneficiaries

“Good day sir. I’m Elizabeth.I want to thank you very very much for your assistance to me & to the needy in our area. May Jehova our loving God bless you and all those concerned. I pray & wish u all the best.”

School4life is further extending the leavers program, enabling needy children to continue studies beyond the Secondary School. As most colleges and universities are closed, online trainings have started. School4Life is supporting with school fees, accommodation and food and handed over laptops for our students to be able to continue with their online studies.

A message from our local Project Director Wamoyo on the success of the leavers program:

“I just visited with Denis and his family. Mother Violet, father Samuel, his young brother Ambrose. Denis has made good progress with online study. Bachelor’s science – Mathematics and Chemistry. The family is most grateful for the support we have been according them.”

The impact School4Life is having on those families, is often reflected in the reactions of our beneficiaries.

Johnwill sent an email to us recently, expressing:

“Hi school4life I’m writing this email with a lot of joy and happiness for all your help. I want to thank you for finding a sponsor for me and furthermore organizing about my studies in the university. I received a laptop and also confirmed full payment of my first semester and that’s a great assurance that I’m joining university soon with no obstacle ahead of me. I love you guys and my God bless you abundantly. You are building my hopes high. Bye bye, I love you”

Project Rigi in Matsaringi

Just a quick heads up that School4Life is exploring some exciting opportunity to support with education in the South of Kenya in a small, rural village called Matsaringi. Watch out for more information about our new Project Rigi in the next newsletter.

If you would like to support, 100% of your donation reach the children

Last but not least…..A big thank you to all of you!

All these “dreams-come-true” would not have been possible without the continuous support we are receiving from all of you. ASANTE SANA – THANK YOU for your love towards our children.




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