Leavers’ Programme

After completion of 12 years of school education, graduates have a variety of choices. High performing students qualify to go to university. Students not qualifying for university, might chose to attend a technical or vocational college offering courses like Business Education, Nursing, Teacher Training, Computer Studies, Engineering. The last option is to join the job market as unskilled labour. Students from rural households often face enormous challenges accessing higher education due to their socio-economic backgrounds.

Through the Leavers Programme, established in 2017, School4Life combats these inequalities by offering unprivileged children from rural areas access to higher education through sponsorships. This programme enables school leavers to become valuable and integrated members of the community.

In 2017 Dennis has been our first school Leaver to attend university, an achievement all of Kimilili was very proud of. “I am so grateful for the opportunity given to me. I will study hard and return one day to become a teacher and inspire other children to study hard so they too can achieve their dreams. Asante sana”

Since starting the Leavers Programme, School4Life has supported over 60 children to further their careers after finishing school. With the Leavers Programme, School4Life is reducing the inequality of access to higher education, allowing dreams to come true.

If you would like to make a dream come true, the following monthly sponsorships are available:

65 CHF: Allows a school leaver to get vocational training (duration 1-2 yrs).

80 CHF: Allows a school leaver to acquire a college certificate (duration 2-3 yrs).

165 CHF: Allows a school leaver to study at university (duration 4 yrs for bachelor degree + 2 yrs for master degree).