School4Life believes in the power of education to help end poverty. We want to ensure that children in rural Kimilili, Kenya have the best available opportunities to learn and develop their skills. We focus on giving vulnerable children the right infrastructure, resources, and quality education to help them get the most from their time at school in order to go on to lead productive, healthy, and happy lives.

Our youngest children start at our Kindergarden for a period of 3 years. Afterwards, they proceed to our Primary School where a successful KPCE exam result in Grade 8 enables them to continue with their education. At Secondary School, which lasts a further 4 years, our students prepare for final KPSE exams.

School4Life also offers a unique Special Needs School for children with disabilities.

Additionally, 30 of our school children have found a new home at the Children’s Home (orphanage).

Interested in reading about how the local newspaper and radio station reported on the 280 children participating in Kimilili’s first Anti-Littering Initiative? Want to learn about the School4Life Health Campaigns? Or perhaps you want to know more about how one of our Class 5 students was short listed in a nationwide Anti-AIDS Competition? Please click here.