CBSM Kimilili: Primary School

The journey of our primary education project has reached a heartwarming milestone, filled with accomplishments and transformed lives. Guided by the belief that education is a key to social, political, and economic empowerment, we have dedicated ourselves to shaping self-reliant, disciplined students who can express themselves confidently while receiving a comprehensive education.

From Standard One to Standard Eight, our students have embraced the joy of learning, exploring subjects such as Kiswahili, English, Science and Agriculture, Mathematics, and Social Studies. With the end of their primary education, they eagerly sat for the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education, paving the way for their future in secondary school.

Throughout the school year, which begins in January and concludes in November, our students experienced a nurturing environment and enjoyed well-deserved breaks in April, August, and December. The ban on grade repetition ensured that every child progressed to the next grade, regardless of examination outcomes, fostering resilience and determination.

Though challenges remain in achieving universal primary education, we have made significant strides. The re-introduction of free and compulsory primary education in 2003 marked a turning point, but hidden costs continue to exclude millions of children. At School4Life, we strive to eliminate these barriers by providing primary education without the burden of hidden fees, ensuring that vulnerable children can access the education they deserve.

Together, we have created a brighter future, empowering children to become active participants in their communities and global citizens of tomorrow. Our journey continues, fueled by the belief that education is a powerful tool for transformation and the key to unlocking a world of opportunities.

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