Project Matsa Rigi

Despite the challenges faced by COVID-19 pandemic, our mission to provide free education to vulnerable children in rural Kenya has remained strong and eventually expanded towards the south eastern coast of Kilifi county. Since 2021 School4Life has been partnering with MatsaRigi Community Based Organization (CBO) led by an experienced team on site that shares our goals and values. Its co-founders Sara Mueller and Ana von Bock have developed community empowerment programs that illustrate the impact School4Life has had on the community so far: 

  • Construction of two classrooms to accommodate 64 pupils enrolled in pre-primary education 
  • Building a kitchen, two toilets and a dining hall to provide free lunch and breakfast feeding programs
  • Buying 7.5 acres of land for sustainable farming purposes
  • Assembling a perimeter wall of 2.88 acres
  • Planting 600 shade trees around the perimeter wall
  • Planting 1100 papaya trees that will mature in Q1 ‘23 and be used for commerce
  • Building 4 power plants
  • Installing 1 water line

In the nearest future we plan to enroll our students into Primary Education and help them pursue their journey to independent growth. For this purpose we are in immediate need to extend our infrastructure and invest in sustainable initiatives such as farming and poultry projects. If you’d like to get involved and support our children through community empowerment programs please write us an email to Sponsoring a child throughout his Primary Education can be done with 50 CHF a month and buying a chicken that will start laying eggs for our community can be done with as little as 5 CHF.

Asante Sana!