School4Life Summer Newsletter 2015

Dear Friends,

30 °C in Europe! This feels like being in Kimilili, Kenya! It’s perfect timing to give you an update on our work at the school including some brand-new pictures from our latest visit.

Are you new to the work of School4Life or would like a quick recap? Then watch our 4 minute video:

On our first visit in 2011 we found a school with just 5 mud huts, 250 kids and 7 untrained teachers. 4 years later and due to your support visitors will find:

– 800 children in our Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School

– 44 trained staff members 

– an orphanage / children’s home with 25 children

– 30‘000 m2 of playground for the School4Life School

– 7 permanent stone and 7 semi-permanent iron sheet classrooms (out of 20 planned)

– a mud-hut kitchen providing free porridge and lunch every day

– a science lab

– a computer room

– a library, sufficient school books and clean drinking water 

– toilets for teachers and students

Thank you all so much! This would never have been possible without your help!

Special update on Merryn Children‘s Home

Most of our children have been with us for 3 years now. Enough time to see the difference you make in their lives. Before Fanuna and Aisha came to our children’s home, they were malnourished, infected with jigger fleas and neither of them could speak English nor write or read Kiswahili. Despite being 8 and 12 years old they started their education in the Baby class. Fortunately they were both quick learners and rapidly progressed through the school years. Now they are healthy, speak, read and write in Kiswahili and English and are two bundles of happiness and joy.

Aisha being treated against Jiggers in 2011 and 3 years later smiling and dancing with her sister Fanuna

The new children arriving at the children’s home have also integrated well. During a day trip to the local mountain our kids showed great team work; they supported each other during the hike and even carried the youngest 5 year old whenever needed. Lunch for our mountaineers was a hearty banana sandwich for each child. Even though this picnic had cost us less than 3 Euros for all 30 kids they loved it. White bread and bananas are a luxury for the kids and therefore a special treat. While the kids were enjoying their picnic, 5 locals arrived curiously watching our big group. Without us saying a word, some of our kids collected pieces of bread to share with the new arrivals. I was so touched by the care, love and generosity these children showed to the wider community. If you haven’t visited already, please find time to visit School4Life soon and we promise you will return with 800 new friends…

A day out: 30 children on 10 motorbikes enjoying a day in the mountains

A big thank you to all of you!

All these “dreams-come-true” would not have been possible without the continuous support we are receiving from you!  ASANTE SANA!

A big thank you goes to our wonderful onsite volunteers in Kimilili: William Ellis, Norbert Benker and Fabienne Egger, all returning to the school for the second time! Deborah Abbonizio, David Lugrin and Heinz Eberhard got their hands dirty for the first time and all lost their hearts in Kimilili. Thank you so much for spending your free time to support the school and our children!

A special thanks goes to all our helping hands for our home grown fundraising and support activities. We’d especially like to thank the Rotary Club Zürich-Glattal, Andreas Timpert, Sofia Platero, Therese Triemer and all our financial supporters. As well as those vital regular donations, thank you all for your creative fundraising ideas: Keep up your marathon running, school fetes, office cake sales or birthday collections.

Lastly, a big thank you to our local team in Kimilili for making sure that our children are well taken care of and the school runs smoothly. Asante sana for your great work!

If you feel inspired and would like to help us, please find further information here: or contact us on

We would like to invite you to come and visit the school in Kimilili! The children would love to meet you!

Alex, Agnes & Astrid




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