School4Life Winter Newsletter 2015

Dear Friends,                             

The School4Life children would like to wish you:

A festive season and a fantastic 2016!

With the new year around the corner, we would like to review some of the highlights of 2015. Thank you for being part of it and supporting our continuous growth. Meanwhile, over 800 children are enjoying a free education!

A new kindergarten for the little ones at School4Life

During the last heavy rains in summer, our kindergarten collapsed. The wood and mud structure did not resist the heavy rain. Lucky enough it happened during the night and no children were harmed. To continue with their education, the little ones had to move to one of the new classrooms, occupying valuable space from the secondary school children.

We are pleased to announce that planning of the new kindergarten has started and hope to be able to start the construction!

Bigger school kitchen

The first School4Life school kitchen was constructed three years ago. Since then, over 600’000 free plates of rice and beans have been distributed to the School4Life students and staff members. Unfortunately, the kitchen has reached its limit as we grew from 250 to 800 children. Mama Beatrice is delighted with the new kitchen and is now able to continue to fill many hungry stomachs. We are sure the beans taste even better cooked on the low smoke ovens!

Children home update

Thanks to the support of Merryn’s friends the children home has experienced huge progress. A new study room, additional furniture, mosquito nets and many other improvements have let to the registration of the children home and it is therefore now officially recognized as a child caring facility! It has also allowed us to take on additional children, now permanently looking after 25 orphans. Thank you to everyone helping to have a lasting impact on those children!

Growing the School4Life Team

School4Life is a charity run exclusively by unpaid volunteers to ensure that 100% of the donations reach the children. We are delighted to announce our newest team member: Patricia Stephens has joined our onsite team in Kimilili. Pat is of British nationality but has lived in Kimilili for the last 7 years. Pat will be responsible for the smooth running of the children home. She will also be our onsite project manager for all future investments. KARIBU / WELCOME Pat!

A big thank you goes to all our helping hands in Switzerland as well as our latest volunteer onsite in Kimilili: Anna Wagemann: thank you so much for spending your free time to support the school and our children!

Feeling inspired? Join the School4Life family!

All these “dreams-come-true” would not have been possible without the continuous support of many of you and we would like to once more say Asante sana! If you feel inspired, why not join the School4Life family and sponsor:

  • 40 EUR / CHF: Sponsor a student including school books, uniforms, exam fees and learning material

If you would like to help, please find further information here: or contact us on

Last but not least: If you wish to escape the freezy winter days, please feel welcome to visit our children in Kimilili! They would be thrilled to meet you!

Enjoy a festive season. With best wishes for 2016 from

Alex, Agnes & Astrid

PS: if you need a recap on School4Life, please enjoy our 4 minutes video:




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