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Matsarigi-Project Community Development

Our latest project, Matsarigi, is supporting the local community through sustainability endeavours to assist them out of poverty.

During the last 2 years,  due to  school4Life’s involvement in the Matsarigi community, 64 children have been able to commence their education by attending kindergarten. We have hired two teachers and two support staff who are assisted by several volunteer women from the community.  We have invested over 120’000 Euros/Swiss Francs into building the infrastructure including the school building, a kitchen and toilets.  

We are egg-cited to support them with income generating opportunities through a chicken and goat farm. To accomplish the chicken and goat farm, we first needed to build a wall around the entire perimeter of the property (over 600 meters in length!) to keep the animals safe. With local eggs-perts onsite and your support, we have finalized the wall and will hopefully hear the cock-a-doodle-doo soon!

In addition, our cooperation with the Strategy and International Management (SIM) students from St. Gallen University continues. This group of volunteers and eggs-perts looked into the best ways of implementing the chicken farm. They visited the school in April 2022 and fell in love with our children. Some more fundraising is needed before we can hopefully share some omelets with the kids soon.

Do not be chickenhearted, please help laying the future of our children by sponsoring one (or several) chickens for our farm to take flight. One chicken is as little as 5 CHF / EUR and 500 are needed in total. Can we eggs-ceed together?

News from our leavers

We are proud to announce that all students have passed their examinations!

  • School4Life is currently supporting 12 students on their journey through University plus 60 students undergoing professional certification through technical colleges for various professions such as electricians, carpenters, cooks etc.
  • Thus far, we have been able to invest over 300’000 Euros/Swiss Francs into our Leavers program which is an amazing achievement. Thank you so much for your support in making this happen!
  • We are so proud of all of our students from School4Life! Please see some thank you notes below that we would like to share. Without you, we would not be able to have this impact!

Hi, hello school4life family, I am John Willy, and I once again want to show out my gratitude for your hand of help towards my studies. It is now 10 years down the line that I have been benefitting from your program and you made my dream come true. As a first born in my family, I had to light a way for my siblings and cousins to follow the path and it would not be easy if not for your program. I am current third year student at Meru University of Science and Technology. I study Bachelor of Commerce, but I will be specializing with accounting option once we resume for studies.
Please watch a heartfelt video message from Johnwill by 
clicking here

Hello school4life, I’m Odwoko Eric Rasto, pursuing Bachelor degree in physics at Chuka University . I am really grateful for how school4life has changed my academic journey. I almost lost hope in joining University, because I was raised by single mother with little income andcould not afford to pay my tuition fees and accommodation. I want to thank School4life for their support. I have always received monthly support for meals and accommodation together with fees timely. Now I’m in second year of my degree. In God grace I will finish my degree and graduate 2024 hoping that I may continue with masters. God willing. Thank you School4life you have made my dreams come true. May God bless School4life for your support through my education and make us smile as we become supportive to society. God bless school4life. I love you. Asanteni Sana.Eric Odoko, Physics

My name is Victor Kalenda. I am currently a third-year student taking Industrial and Textile Engineering, at Moi University. I am very grateful for the impact that School4Life has had in my life. School4Life came at a time when I needed them the most, and gave me a future. I thank School4Life for providing me with an opportunity to pursue to pursue my dreams for a better life. Achieving my dreams is very important as it will provide me with an opportunity to change my life, my family, and that of the society that I live in. It is my promise that I will utilise this God-sent opportunity that is as a result of your generosity to the best use possible. I will always thank God for your team, may your endeavors be successful through His grace. I will never forget your generous hearts throughout my lifetime. God bless you!”  Victor Kalenda, Engineering




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