The Red Corner House – a new home for our children’s home boys!

Why buying this house would significantly improve the children home boy’s lives?

Current situation:

The current living condition of the children home boys is very basic; they live in a mud hut with only little windows, making the interior dark, grim and humid. The mud walls and the concrete floor of the house are in need of renovation.

There is not proper kitchen / cooking facility on the ground, making the preparation and provision of food cumbersome. The toilets and showers are in the small compound outside of the house and need repair.

The compound of the current children home boys’ place is small for the number of children looked after, giving them little place to play.

Red Corner House:

To improve the living conditions of the children home boys, there is the opportunity to buy a permanent Red Corner House adjacent to the school compound.

The house offers spacious rooms with painted walls and tiled floors. There is an indoor toilet that could be turned into a shower room with several shower heads.

The toilets have a septic tank. Furthermore, there are several smaller rooms that could be used for the social workers, one of them even including an ensuite bathroom.

The house offers electricity, running heated water and a fully functioning kitchen.

The Red Corner House is adjacent to the school compound, allowing the children to use the vast playing fields.

Furthermore, the opportunity also includes a non-permanent structure with cemented floors, steel windows and doors and a re-inforced cement/mud wall. These structures could be used to host two teacher families working for the school.




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