Two weeks in Kenya – a very grounding experience! Olga Ivlev

The most colourful moments are linked to the time spent at the special needs school. Upon our arrival, Agnes showed us around the campus to a space dedicated for children that see life differently:

Purity has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Disregard the fact; she is a proud owner of one of the brightest smiles in Kimilili. Openly and gently, she has been welcoming each one of us to her playground with a “high five” handshake. It was profound and moving to see how much she likes human contact.

Silvia, a psychologically challenged young lady, will definitely become a tech guru one day. Her affinity for IT made it impossible to hold the camera in my hands. She loved taking pictures, and made sure to leave selfies on each of ours Iphones.

After school, while waiting for her parents to pick her up, Laura and I spent time with Cynthia. During the day, she sits in a wheel chair and has difficulties to speak. We played for a while, and when it was time for her to go home, she started crying. It made me reflect on how many moments like this she has had in her life.

A deeply nourishing experience that created a close connection to children happened during lunchtime. While serving food, it was surprising to see how much discipline they had. Teachers will say a sentence, one time, and every child will immediately get in a que, waiting patiently to be served. Nobody rushed, nobody ever complained. So much obedience!

Overall, these two weeks in Kenya have challenged my comfort zone and brought me closer to nature. During dinners, we would spent time together and share moments that had the biggest impact on our day. It connected us as a team, and reminded that happiness is found in the simplest of things. Definitely the time of my life! Asante Sana ?




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