Jambo Dearest School4Life Supporters!

Shocking News! We are sorry to say that this year our monthly donors will not receive handwritten Christmas Cards  There are plenty of excuses for this like the pandemic, the war, and rising prices, but to be honest, the School4Life team has just been too busy!

We are more grateful now than ever for your support and therefore, have decided to focus our energy not on Christmas Cards, but on increasing the impact for our Kenyan communities by further expanding School4Life.
Read below about our internal transformation, our new strategy and the plans for boosting our impact!

A Heartfelt Note to our Donors

We are more determined and ambitious than ever before. We have some big plans and a lot coming up for 2023!

The starting point for this increased energy was that we got chosen to participate as one of five charities at the AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp: a 3-month expert consulting course for future growth and digitalization of non-profit organizations.

The boot camp was amazing! With a refined strategy, access to a gigantic network of knowledge experts and our passion, soul and heart for our Kenyan communities, this was the starting point to something even bigger.

There is a lot of work ahead of us including digitalizing our internal processes, restructuring our organization and developing new communication and fundraising plans. To further increase our impact in Kenya: additional infrastructure will be built, sustainable projects implemented (chicken and goat farm) and further community challenges tackled (clean water) – all to come! So now is the time to truly get involved and contribute to making a greater impact for our amazing children! Do you want to be part of the impact? We are looking for volunteers to join the team! Throughout the past 11 years we have received so much support in all different forms. We are so grateful for each and every one of you and extend a truly heartfelt thank you for making an immense difference in the children’s lives and the local community. A huge ASANTE SANA!

MatsaRigi Project Visit

In our last newsletter you read all about our latest project: MatsaRigi Community Based Organization (CBO) that shares our vision to eradicate poverty in rural Kenya through free access to education and community empowerment programs. One of our dearest team members, Olga, visited the project in October and shares her experience on the ground. Please read her personal message below and watch her wonderful video on Youtube here (

“Arriving to MatsaRigi felt like immersing into Wonderland. This jewel hidden by layers of time transports you during three hours journey from Mombasa airport to a hidden community that values simplicity, togetherness and growth. Every day felt like a chapter from my favourite book where the main characters learn to do things together, support each other’s attempts to succeed all the while remaining open and curious to receive the lessons of life. I’ve never tasted such a delicious porridge like the one served for breakfast nor have I ever seen a dance improvised by the parents at the command of a magic wand. Waves of joy were covering me while walking on the street and seeing random beauty in women boiling Ugali for lunch next to their mud hut or while leaving home for school and have the entire community coming to greet and shake my hand. With contentment I marvel at the impact School4Life has had on this Wonderland through infrastructure and educational programs that will teach them sustainability once agricultural and poultry projects take off. If you’d like to see our achievements and boost MatsaRigi success story please visit our webpage as well and follow us on our social media platforms. Karibu Sana to Kilifi county!”




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